30 de enero de 2011

El llamamiento desesperado de los alejandrinos

Catherine Sabry, amiga alejandría que en estos momentos está en Francia, nos escribe a través del facebook lo que nuestro gran amigo Kamal le relata al teléfono desde Alejandría.

Domingo, 30 de enero de 2011 a las 20:24
I am writing this in the name of Islam Kamal from Alexandria that i just had on the phone:

" I really want people outside Egypt to understand the situation here. The looting in the streets is organized by the police forces themselves! They ride by car through the city without uniform and the shoot around, with no specific target"

" Last Friday I saw the police starting to hit people immediately after the end of the pray"

"On the corniche in Alexandria, the population was demonstrating quietly walking from Mansheya towards Montaza, the stores were providing them with water and foods, when suddenly the police came from their back throwing stones at them"

"This not a revolution coming from starving people, all social classes are represented here"

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