8 de mayo de 2021

Priority Notification - Lucky Beneficiary


My name is Charles W. Jackson Jr, winner of the $344.6 million maximum jackpot. I intend to use this winning funds to pursue a variety of passions and make some charitable donations to humanity.

Your name and email address was Randomly chosen in an online Pool as a Benefactor to this Donation. With great joy in my heart, I hereby inform you that you have been chosen to enjoy my private contribution for the sole purpose of touching life, because God has blessed me. This $ 2 million donation is given to you to enable you to strengthen and actualize your dreams, aspirations and to reach out generously to the least privileged, orphans and charitable organizations in your community.

Please send us an email: info.donationrichardwahl@gmail.com indicating you got this notification so that full details will be sent to you on how to receiveyour prize.

All The Best.
Charles W. Jackson Jr.

$2,000,000.00 is donated to you

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